Common questions


What is Legends at War?

Legends at War is a first-of-its-kind free-to-play play-to-earn cross-platform MMORTS game. It is a medieval epic where social ties and cunning gameplay can yield incredible real world rewards. Engage in live battles of up to 100 players as you get lost in the next stage of the metaverse!

What is the purpose of Legends at War?

Legends at War is designed to bring together the social aspects of crypto and gaming. You will be able to use your gaming prowess to earn cryptocurrency as well as vote on developments within the game. 

How do I get started?

Legends at War will be available on browser and mobile at launch. LAW Tokens can be purchased at launch from select launchpads.

I need help.

If you are having trouble, please consult our discord channel for assistance. Our moderators and community are always there to help!


How do I train my troops?

You will be able to build barracks to help train your varied troops and bring them into battle. You will have access to more advanced troops based on your level and/or purchases.

How do I train my Heroes?

You will be able to upgrade your Heroes skill sets based on your level. NFT champions can be purchased with upgraded skills and stats that can further augment your troops abilities.

How can I raid other cities?

You will need a Hero and an army to raid other cities. Once you have those, you can choose a city on the map to enter into armed conflict with, but beware, picking battles with a city can cause problems with their clan.  Picking the wrong battle can set off a large-scale war where you and your countrymen’s land is on the line!


What are LAW Tokens ($LAW)?

LAW Tokens ($LAW) are the in-game cryptocurrency for Legends at War. These can be purchased through select markets or earned in-game.

How can I earn money with my NFTs?

There are multiple ways to earn money with your Legends at War NFTs. You will be able to sell your NFTs for LAW tokens on the marketplace. You will also be able to stake your NFTs to earn passive rewards. Some NFTs such as land can provide passive income via an in-game tax system.

Community and Vision

Where can I interact with the community members?

You can join our discord, telegram, and instagram channels to meet and connect with fellow Legends at War players here.

What makes Legends at War different?

Legends at War is, at its heart, a game made by gamers. Legends at War was born from our love of classic MMORTS and gaming communities.  We want our community to be the heart of the gameplay, be it protecting your brethren in massive live battles, recounting tales of heroism on our global chat, or using your LAW tokens to have an active say in the game's development. Our goal is to create a game that walks in step with the community, wherever this journey takes us. We believe that good games are built by developers while great games are built by their communities.